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  • Maintaining health lifestyle prevents mortality and morbidity. There is new information almost every day on lifestyle related topics. There are fads, misleading information, several players trying to take advantage of the situation, eventually effecting the end consumer. It is extremely important to know evidence based facts regarding lifestyle topics, advantages and disadvantages of any / all interventions. The evidence should be from a property conducted research study. Although almost everyone can read and understand the results section / take home points from a research study; it should be understood that there are many biases that effect the quality of the study, and the results of the study may not apply to your situation. 

  • Using his skills as an internal medicine physician and an expert medical researcher, Dr. Moole is able to cut through the clutter and get a transparent understanding of the actual effect of the intervention. Dr. Moole will review literature and present you with the evidence backed facts of any lifestyle related research question you might have. 

  • Topics include but are not limited to: 

Exercise & Health

Health supplements & Health

Foods & Health

Meditation & Health

Pharma & Health

Phytochemicals & Health

Herbs & Health

Yoga & Health

Massage & Health

Smoking cessation & Health

Weight loss & Health

Keto diet, Intermittent fasting & Health

CBD & Health

Weight loss & Health

Travel & Health

Beauty & Health

Marijuana & Health

Tattoos & Health

Illicit drugs & Health

Alcoholism & Health

Smoking & Health

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