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I am an internal medicine physician scientist who immigrated to the US from India in 2013, currently practicing as a hospitalist in Kansas. I am an entrepreneur. I enjoy building product lines, companies, and brands that will effectively interact with and satisfy the needs of end customers. Mentioned below is a brief timeline of my professional background:

  • 2011 - Medical school graduation - MBBS degree from Gandhi Medical College, in Secunderabad, India.

  • 2013 - Internship in Internal Medicine Residency - University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA.

  • 2013 - Research beginnings -Simultaneously started working on medical outcomes research.

  • 2016 - Residency graduation - Internal Medicine Residency from University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA.

  • Since 2016 -  I have been working as an intensivist, hospitalist, and internal medicine physician.


  • I specialize in medical outcomes research – systematic reviews & meta-analyses. I have a rare combination of complex research abilities and clinical skills as an internal medicine physician. 

  • With my exceptional skills as a physician, I am able to understand the clinical problems, frame relevant clinical questions that would improve patient care, and personally able to perform clinical research (meta-analysis and systematic reviews) trying to answer these questions.

  • Most of the physicians who are researchers, use statisticians (with limited clinical medical background) to perform bio-statistics of clinical research. As opposed to other physician scientists, I perform my own bio-statistics. I specialize in outcomes analysis and outcomes research.

  • I consolidate multiple studies on a given topic. Individually, these studies do not have scientifically significant results, due to the small size of studies, scattered data, conflicting results, etc. I am able to conduct complicated research, which very few physicians are able to do. I get results by performing systematic reviews and meta-analyses using my advanced statistical analysis.

  • This allows me to obtain more definitive results to provide answers for these clinical problems. These results provide high quality evidence that would support the nationwide influence and implementation of the intervention. In turn, this can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs throughout USA and worldwide.

Physician Scientist: A physician-scientist is a holder of a degree in medicine and science who invests significant time and professional effort in scientific research. Physician-scientists are often cited as playing a critical role in translational medicine and clinical research, connecting biomedical research findings to health care applications.


Systematic reviews and Meta-analyses: Majority of the research I perform is Systematic reviews and Meta-analyses. Systematic reviews and Meta-analyses, when performed appropriately, are considered the highest form of evidence, highest level and strength of evidence, even better compared to Randomized controlled trials. 

My clinical practice objectives are to work towards improving the overall efficiency and quality of healthcare by:






















Having a patient centered approach. 


Intricate collaboration with the hospital’s infrastructure systems. 


Emphasize on medical education among peers, patients and students.


Practicing evidence based medicine.


Disseminate highly scalable - high quality peer reviewed medical outcomes research. 


Create scalable solutions to improve efficiency of healthcare delivery.


Disease epidemics on a global scale

Medical Outcomes Research


General / Internal Medicine - scalable healthcare solutions


2004 - 2011

Gandhi Medical College, India

Medical School, MBBS degree

2013 - 2014

University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria, USA

Internship - Internal Medicine, MD degree

2014 - 2016

University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria, USA

Residency - Internal Medicine, MD degree

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