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  • Using his extensive clinical and research experience, Dr. Moole is able to thoroughly review the medical literature for any clinical questions you may have regarding a particular clinical condition or clinical scenario.

  • Medicine is a vast area with many unknowns, and the management of a particular medical condition may vary from physician to physician. There are many "gray" areas.

  • In these circumstances, it is of paramount importance for you to know what the literature or evidence actually says. This may help you take care of yourself or your loved one, with better clarity and confidence.

  • Dr. Moole can provide you with a thorough literature review on any particular topic, along with evidence based recommendations and guidelines from specific international medical societies. 

  • This service will not be a clinic visit or telemedicine visit. This will not be a physician-patient relationship. This will purely be a literature reviewing consultant service - where Dr. Moole will review literature for any questions you might have, and present you with the results of the literature review. 

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